Perks Search extends your GeoDirectory based web directory with an integration to Elasticsearch or Apache Solr.

Main Features of Perks Search

  • Connect to Elastic or Solr (one or the other).
  • Automatic creation of config files for remote index configuration.
  • Configure the Custom Posts Types and custom fields that will be indexed.
  • Send your data with an actions scheduler queue (Tested with 100k+ lsitings)
  • Configure Search, Archive, and Location pages to use Perks Search for queries and facets.
  • Shortcodes integrated with the GD Shortcode Builder for Easy Access. Tested and working in WP Page templates and with BB and BB Themer.

Perks Search does not change any data on your site.

Instead, this plugin will send your GeoDirectory data to your Index. Some hosts allow install of Apache Solr or Elasticsearch on your server. Some will charge. If you don’t like your choices, contact us about hosting your Elasticsearch.

Additional Perks Search Features Include:

GD Loop

  • GD Archive page query with Perks Search to improve site performance
  • Use Solr facets on the Archive Page

Solr GD Listings on the Location Page

  • Replace location page queries with Solr to improve performance
  • Use Pear facets on the Location Page

Independant Location Pages

  • With Single Cities installed it is possible to create completely custom slugs for locations
  • Location Pages are independant of GD Location pages, but still reder shortcodes like GD Location Description and GD Location Meta.
  • Hide GD Location pages from the Yoast sitemap with new Yoast SEO options in GD.

Custom Post Type Features

  • Show all CPTs on a single map
  • Show all CPTs in Search query results
  • Filter search results by CPT
  • Filter location page GD Listings query by CPT
  • Use new Solr CPT Badge to display the Post Type in the Archive item for mixed CPT queries (Search, Location)

Custom Location

  • Custom City – create a new entity that ‘includes’ multiple cities like “Berlin Metro”. Creates a location page. Listings with the custom city selected show on every location page for every city included in the custom city.
  • Custom Region – create a new entity that ‘includes’ multiple regions like “West Coast”. Creates a location page. Listings with the custom entity selected show on every location page for every region included in the custom region.
  • Custom Region – create a new entity that ‘includes’ multiple countries like “EU”. Creates a location page. Listings with the custom entity selected show on every location page for every country included in the custom country.
  • Solr Custom Location Badge – Add a badge that displays based on city values with a link to the Solr search results page.

Single City

  • Replace the GD default Address field with Solr Single City field to setup Service Areas
  • Pre-define the cities available on the site in the Locations DB
  • Address fields will be populated with City Info (street field filled with City)
  • Solr Single City Facet to filter listings by city


  • Support for Facets for all basic GD fields including text, textareas, select, multiselect, tags, and categories + radio and checkbox.
  • Support for business hours and booking availability for Yith on the roadmap.
  • Include Facets on the Location, Archive, and Search Pages
  • Near search with Google lookups with your GD Maps GeoCoding Key (Requires a Google Maps API Geocoding key).
  • Keyword search


  • Automatic updates of listing data sent to index on listing save
  • Actions Scheduler for management of large index build – tested to 100K listings.


  • Connect to unlimited indexes
  • Each index can be used for a different search page.
  • Includes access to a single 100mb index solely for testing purposes.

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